An R client to interact with a [Rocket.Chat]( server.

R Advanced (French)

A 6-hours workshop/course on objects and types in R.


A `ggplot2` and `gganimate` version of Pac-Man.

UMR 1283 - Project Template

An R package to create the project structure within the Inserm U1283 / CNRS UMR 8199 unit. It includes some tools such as `fexsend` and a `xaringan` template (downloaded from [](

R Lille

R Lille is an R User Group (RUG) located in Lille, France. R Lille is part of the [Meetup]( RUG network sponsored by the [R Consortium](

R Packages

A 30 minutes introduction to building R packages.

Shiny: First Steps (French)

A one-day workshop on the R package shiny.

insane: INsulin Secretion ANalysEr

A user-friendly interface, using Shiny, to analyse glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) assays in pancreatic beta cells or islets.

MiSTr: Mixed effects Score Test

Test for association between a set of SNPS/genes and continuous or binary outcomes by including variant characteristic information and using (weighted) score statistics. `MiSTr` is an improvement of the [`MiST`]( outputs.

NACHO: NAnostring quality Control dasHbOard

A shiny-based dashboard to load, visualise and normalise the exported NanoString nCounter data and facilitates the user in performing a quality control.